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Both, Jet & Guinness didn't turn out exactly as I hoped for, so both girls won't be bred. 
They are both lovely girls, with great temperaments and work ethics, but both possess a few attributes that have not developed to my complete satisfaction.
But breeding does not simply mean producing, but trying to make one's own optimal contribution to a breed. 

December 2022

Jets' xray results came back - 8 months after sending them in... 
She has HD A & ED 0

June 2022

Jet and Guinness passed their character test at DRC e.V. in Germany.

May 2021

I've got Ozzys' and Jets' EMBARK results: 
Ozzy is free for everything.
Jet is free for every breed related genetic disease (and even other tests), 
except that she is carrier for DM.