Jet - Praetorium Latobicorum's Euria

Jet is our second chessie, also coming from Slovenia. 


Jet is a lovely specimen of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She's got heart and brain, ease and stamina. She's a quick learner and very motivated to work. In the house, she's very calm and cuddly.
Where I am, she is.
But sometimes she is like an elephant in a china shop, but she has no mean trait on her.
One of her features is her grin, which she will give you when you greet her.
She is my second dog from the Praetorium Latobicorum kennel in Slovenia. Knowing her mother and not being inculpable in suggesting her father, I needed to get a puppy out of this combination.
And here she is.

Praetorium Latobicorum's Euria
LOL 25362 (FCL)
Good Will Hunting Hopeful Cato X Ch Ilona Chessy z Vlčích luk
Born 14/05/2019
68 cm // 36 kg

Hips: A
Elbows: Free
Eyes: not performed
PRA-prcd: clear (Embark)
long coat: clear by parentage
EIC: clear (Embark)
ED/SFS: clear (Embark)

CDDY/IVDD, Type I IVDD: clear (Embark)
DM: carrier (Embark)
Dilute: D/D (clear - Embark)

Beginning of CORL (Canine odontoclastic resorptive lesion)

Work & Show
RCL Clubshow 2022: Exc 2 (no RCACL) - Judge Claudia Berchtold (AUS)
Wesenstest DRC e.V. (character test) passed - June 12 2022

Israel online dog show game 2020 on facebook (unofficial):
Junior class: class winner and best junior and BOB