About the kennel 

The Eastwest's kennel is one of the few retriever kennels in Luxembourg. 
And the only one which plans to breed Chesapeakes and Curlies. Someday...


The Eastwest kennel consists of me - Sarah Neu - and my three dogs:  
one Chesapeake Bay and two Curly Coated Retrievers.
We - my husband, the dogs and me - are living in the lovely region called Müllerthal in Luxembourg, Europe. 
I work as a professional dog trainer since 2010.
I fell in love with these two breeds already longer ago and I've got my first Chesapeake in 2011 and my first Curly in 2015. 

This kennel is my try to foster and to popularise these special dogs. 
My aim is to breed sound dogs with a good temper, who can stand their ground in many domains: 
family & field, or any other domain you intend.

Unfortunately, no litters are planned with both girls. 
But who knows what the future brings.